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K.L. Dimago is a fantasy author with goals to also write contemporary fiction. Her passion for writing began at a young age and continued throughout her childhood and adult life. She began writing before she learned to read which turned into an equal passion for reading as she grew older and discovered authors such as Tamora Pierce, C.S. Lewis, and Walter Farley, among others, that inspired her to pursue her own dreams of becoming a writer.

Her debut novel, Amethyst, was published August 2nd, 2015 by Kellan Publishing, followed by Imprisoned Hearts in 2016 as a short story in the romance collection, Bewitched Love. Dimago currently is working to finish the prequel to Amethyst, which she’s titled: Amethyst: Rise to Piracy, and soon after will continue work with the sequel titled: Iolite.

K.L. Dimago attended Texas Tech University for a B.A. in English and now lives in the heart of Texas with her family. She is always welcome to questions and to connecting with new people.

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